Overall Makeover At Minsk Airport CONTINUES

Minsk National Airport will get a second runway in several years. The construction of the second runway will finish in 2018, Transport and Communications Minister Anatoly Sivak told the media after the opening ceremony of the Belarusian Transport Week on 4 October.

The construction of the second runway will in October 2016.


The official said that the bulk of earthwork operations had been done already: trees had been cut in the area, infilling, grading and levelling operations had been done, gas and water pipes are being moved. Concrete operations will start in spring 2017 when the weather is warm.

As it was reported earlier, the new runway will be 3.7km long, 60m longer than the first one. Its surface will be twice as thick as the that of the first one thus making the landing of heavy passenger aircrafts like Airbus A380 possible.

According to experts, the first runway of Minsk airport is capable of receving all flights arriving to Minsk till 2018. Once the construction of the second runway is complete, it will be possible to close the first one for reconstruction.

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