Ornament underfoot! See national patterns in the centre of Minsk

Ornament under your feet! It seems that Belarusian national patterns are in trend now as even paving slabs in the centre of Minsk have their own story.


This week the workers were spotted laying out paving slabs in the shape of traditional ornament at Pobediteley Avenue.


Lately local authorities pay a lot of attention to the territory improvement of the avenue.


New slabs will be placed at both sides of the street ahead of oncoming elections and Minsk City Day celebrations on September 3.


However, the workers themselves are not really impressed with the idea.

One of them said: “I have an acquaintance from Saint Petersburg who saw our work and said that the tile pavement is extremely expensive.

I understand that it’s beautiful but who cares when people have no money?”


Although the national-pattern-like tile is a new phenomenon for Minsk, it is linked to the general trend of this year.


In 2016, vyshyvanka, the embroidered shirt in Belarusian, national costume, has become the main symbol of Independence Day, Kupala night in Alexandria and “Slavonic Bazaar”.