The One Place To Visit In Belarus According To Tripadvisor If You Have No Time For A Detailed Tour

There are so many places to see and visit that it might be quite a challenge to narrow down. And that’s when travel info monsters like Tripadvisor come in handy!

Any reasonable first-time traveler would surely google the “Things to Do” for helpful ideas and tips. But what if you are just terribly, extremelly short of time?

A UK based travel site Vouchercloud used the users’ choices data from TripAdvisor’s rankings to create a map that features the number one top tourist destination in each country.

The map features the must-see global attractions like The Great Wall of China, Niagara Falls and Sydney Harbour… All of them are divided into four categories – historical, natural, religious and generic, or exclusive ones – and marked by different colors.

So, can you guess the No1 attraction in Belarus?

And the winner is… Brest Fortress! The memorial complex is recommended for those travelers who have no time for a detailed examination of Belarus.

This 19th century defensive complex is a key symbol of Soviet resistance in World War II. It is huge, so you’ll probably spend the whole day exploring it. Definitely a must-see place!

However,  if you have more time (you do remember about the 5 visa-free days, right?) there are so many other Belarusian attractions that merit a visit.

For example, you can explore Minsk following these four walking routes and visit its unusual museums, or leave the capital for castles and Grodno, or just choose any of these spring ideas and go elsewhere!