New Oil Deposit Found In Belarus

A new oil field was discovered in Gomel region, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment reports.

According to the preliminary estimates, the reserves of the new deposit can be between 350,000 and 800,000 tons.

oil deposit Belarus

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“The new deposit was discovered in Zhlobin district during the works that are part of the state program “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” for 2016-2020,” the ministry’s press service said.

Experts estimate that the deposit may contain from 350,000 and 800,000 tons of oil. A more accurate assessment will be done after the completion of tests.

Another oil deposit was discovered in Belarus in January this year.

The field named Ugolskoe lies within the intermediate block of regional Rechitsa-Vishansky fault of the Pripyat Basin and supposedly carries about 1.7 million tons. 

Belarus is estimated to have 5–11 billion tonnes of oil shale. Up to 3.6 billion tonnes of recoverable reserves are concentrated within the Pripyat Basin, occupying western Gomel, southern Minsk and eastern Brest regions.

Belarus plans to hire foreign contactors to exploit the new fields, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment annonced in February.

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