20 Hearty Beer Sets. New Food Festival Underway In Minsk

A new edition of the food festival Gastrofest started in Minsk on 25 May. This time the festival offers craft food sets with appetizers to beer.

The food festival lasts from 25 May to 14 June in 20 bars, pubs and cafes of the capital.

A set costs 20 Belarusian rubles, or about $10, and in many cases is so big that it can easily feed two people.

So what do guests get for this money? Here are some reviews from the visitors:


“So much food! Seems like every time Gastrofest tries to offere more and more food, as if we were really hungry here. Our first set has everything, starting from cabbage and finishing with very tasty ribs!”

Mixx Pub

“Give me two!” (the photo shows two sets)

Hosper Hops Pub

“We didn’t plan to go here, but anywhere esle was fully booked. Not a bit of regret! The set is meat, meat and meat. Herring carpaccio is very tasty, and the tail tastes like heaven, whick I didn’t expect”.


Публикация от @klaccyxa

“The set is big, and enough for two, or even for three (us, girls). My advice is to start with burgers. As for beer, consult a bartender or a waitress, who are very friendly and will gladly tell about each taste. Just fine for 20 rubles”.

Expedition. Northern cuisine

“Real nordic food!”

The organizers recommend booking tables in advance as the event is very popular.

Find all participants of the food festival and all sets here.