Supermodel And Philantropist Natalia Vodianova Visits Hi-Tech Park In Minsk

Supermodel, philantropist and mother of five children, Natalia Vodianova has visited Belarus for the first time.

Let’s talk about it!

Jointly with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Vodianova, as the CEO of the Flo period tracker presented a social campaign #LetsTalkAboutIt.

The top model also visited the office of Ideanomix Digital in the Hi-Tech Park, the developer of the AI-powered women’s health application.

Women’s health

Here she talked about the importance of sex education, the stigma surrounding menstruation, reproductive health, and domestic violence.

“The theme of women’s health is close to me. I have five children. My fifth pregnancy was difficult.

That was the reason why I decided to support the project. It is good that these guys are from Belarus and that I can support the startup.

This is a terrific product that helps you learn a lot about women’s health,” Natalia Vodianova said.

The supermodel belives that this Belarusian app that will change the world for the better.

IT in Belarus

Last year, Vodianova made an investment in Flo and joined the project’s Board of Directors.

She also shared her views about the development of IT business in Belarus, and support of crypto currency operations in particular.

“Belarus was the first country in the world to support the cryptocurrency. I believe this is a great success.

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The development of the IT business is an opportunity for the country to attract investors from around the world,” Natalia Vodianova noted.

Worth Millions! Technology Developed By Belarusians Implemented In YouTube

This year the model also presented the charity app Elbi, which simplifies the process of making charity contributions.

Recall that Flo got in the ranking of five most popular free health apps in the United States and ranks high in Google Play and Appstore.

Sources: BelTa, TUT.BY