‘Black Swan’ Author Nassim Taleb And 16 Entrepreneurs From CIS To Speak At Major Event In Minsk On 13 April

Business Forum 2017 will unite over a dozen international speakers and 2000 guests in Minsk on 13 April, 2017. The headliner of the event is Nassim Taleb, economist, writer and the author of the bestselling book ‘The Black Swan’.

The forum ‘Under The Sign Of The Uncertain’ is organized by Probusiness, a Belarusian business and analytics website. It will be held at Falcon Club, and is likely to become one of the major business events in Belarus in 2017.

nassim taleb minsk business forum 2017

Speakers and guests of Business Forum 2017 will discuss the global and local risks that businesses face, and ways of navigating business in the world where the number of ‘black swans’, wildly unexpected events with massive consequences, is growing.

The program also includes a discussion of the latest IT and business trends – artificial intelligence, agile and horizontal corporate cultures – with top business owners and managers from the CIS countries.

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The final part of the event is a 2-hour speech by Nassim Taleb on decision-making in highly improbable environment and a question-answer session with the bestselling author.

Business Forum 2017 will not be only about listening, organizers said. Two long coffee-breaks will be an excellent opportunity to find new business contacts and talk to the speakers.

Program of Business Forum 2017

BUSINESS FORUM 2017 ‘Under The Sign of The Uncertain’

13 April, 2017, Minsk, Falcon Club

08:00-10:00Registration and welcome coffee
10:00-10:30Opening and welcome speeches
Part 1
10:30-10:50Pavel Daneiko, IPM Business School

On ‘Black Swans’ and new opportunities for doing business in Belarus

10:50-11:10Denis Sherstennikov,  Alivaria

How to make profits when the market’s falling

11:10-11:30Dmitry Dichkovskiy, IPM Business School

Crisis and internal efficiency

11:30-12:00Boris Akimov, Dmitry Akishkin,  LavkaLavka

LavkaLavka as a case of effective cooperation of small businesses

12:00-13:00Coffee break. Informal mixer
Part 2
13:00-13:30Sergei Savitsky, Atlant-M

Hidden efficiency reserves. Atlant-M case study

13:30-14:15 Discussion: How companies make transition to Аgile and horizontal corporate culture

Speakers: Andrey Milevich (BelAgro), Sergey Bruy (Vizor Games), Mikhail Dubakov (TargetProcess), Yuri Shilyaev (Agile.by), Maxim Yakubovich (IT Wit)

14:15-15:00 Discussion: How AI is changing traditional business

Speakers: Victor Prokopenya (VP Capital), Yuri Melnichek (MAPS.ME), Denis Aleynikov (Aleynikov&Partners)

15:00 16:00Coffee break. Informal mixer
16:00-18:00Nassim Taleb

Decision-making in highly improbable environment

18:00-18:30 Q&A session with Nassim Taleb, closing ceremony
19:00-20:00 Dinner with Nassim Taleb and speakers for VIP guests

Guest speakers at the forum are Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO and President at EPAM Systems, and Alena Vladimirskaya, major HR expert in CIS.


According to the organizers, over 800 tickets were reserved and sold in the first days since the announcement of the forum’s details.  All VIP tickets have been sold out.

Cost of the tickets on the tribune:

  • 200 Br (€100*) for purchase from 14 to 28 February
  • 250 Br (€125*) from 1 to 14 March
  • 350 Br (€175*) from 15 March to 12 April

Cost of the ticket in the stalls:

  • 240 Br (€120*) from 14 to 28 February
  • 290 Br (€145*) from 1 to 14 March
  • 390 Br (€195*) from 15 March to 12 April

Coffee breaks are included in the price. Do not miss your ticket!

For more details and tickets, please, contact p@probusiness.by, оk@probusiness.by.

No Visa Needed!

By the way, if you are a citizen of the EU, the UK, the USA, Canada or any of these countries, you don’t need a Belarusian visa to come Minsk for the forum. Starting 12 February, citizens of 80 states can spend up to 5 days in Belarus without a visa.

To make sure the trip goes well, have a look at this short list of FAQs on visa-free travel.

* Prices in euro are for information purposes only.