Mud And Sweat: See How Belarusians Evoke Their Inner Beasts In Extreme Races

Extreme runs date back to the rise of civilization when humans had to fight with nature for their lifes. Today we have to strain ourselves much less, but the most restless – or tired of routine – would still seek for adventure and fight.

In the country of bison they go into Bison Race.

The Bison Race is an extreme run event organised several times a year. Its main difference and advantage over the typical cross-country competition is in pretty fun pastime.

But even though most of the competitors take part in the race for entertainment, they should also be in good shape judging by the obstacles on their way.

The 8th Bison Race was organized last weekend in Silichi sports complex. Extremals and racing enthusiasts were competing in individual and group stages.

In an individual race the participants had to cover an 8km distance with 30 obstacles – jump over barriers and ditches; climb a slackline and spider web, carry logs and haul huge tyres and face gladiators.

But the result is worth it!