Minsk Hits Top 10 European Cities To Visit In 2019, By Independent

The Independent named Minsk one of the top 10 most happening Continental destinations for 2019.

The 2019 European Games that will take place in the Belarusian capital from 21-30 June is just one of the reasons you should visit Minsk, the British online newspaper reports.

It also recalls the groundbreaking 30-day visa-free regime and a restored Old Town with hipster coffee shops and cocktail bars. Estella Shardlow, the author of the article, notes that the western tourists are now surprised by how clean, safe and friendly Minsk feels.

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Although don’t expect everyone to speak English,” she warns. Besides, your trip to Minsk will be budget friendly as a room in the top-rated hostel will cost up to £25.

The modernised Dinamo Stadium will be the heart of the sporting action this summer, while the rest of the city unfolds in long avenues, neo-classical palaces and stately squares.

Apart from Minsk the author recommends going to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Sitges in Spain, Arles in France, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Rome in Italy, Disneyland Paris in France, Belgrade in Serbia, Venice in Italy, Bristol in the UK.

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Obviously, Belarus is opening to the world and it reciprocates. Last year the country got into the top 10 countries ‘best for Travel in 2019’ category by Lonely Planet, not to name the number of other prestigious world rankings.

Minsk is hosting ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2019 on 21-27 January. Learn the schedule and get tickets to the winter’s most graceful event here. Or buy a tour package to enjoy your holiday in Belarus carefree!