Food And Fun. Vulitsa Ezha Festival In Dreamland Park On 14-15 July

A gastronomic paradise, loads of fun and games. This weekend, on 14-15 July Dreamland park will host street food summer festival Vulitsa Ezha.

This is why we adore summer.

Each festival tries to surprise its guest with something extraordinary and unexpected.

This time the fest will focus on the most important event of this summer – FIFA 2018 World Cup.

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For football fans a big screen to broadcast matches for the 3rd place and the tournament’s final will be installed at the main stage.

What else will await you there? “Mozgobojnya” quiz, lecture cente, open air cinema, a culinary school,  Sarafan market and a playground for kids from Momslet.

What to eat?

Hot, spicy, juicy tacos, burrito, chili concarne and toasta will be served at Tex-Mex food zone.

Seafood lovers will be treated with mussels, oysters, burgers with fish and a special Black Sea dish.

For those who can’t imagine a dinner without a hearty meat dish, there will be burgers, ribs in onion glaze, currywurst and hot dogs.

Waffles, ice cream and pancakes will satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

Taste some signature cocktails inspired by Minsk. What will you prefer – Šabany, Uručča or Malinauka?

What to watch?

Football of course!

Besides crucial World Cup matches in Russia, you’ll see Husqvarna robotic lawn-mowers playing football.

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Or make yourself a personal birdekel and take part in contests and virtual competitions.

What to buy?

Vulitsa Ezha unites farmers and local producers of organic products.

So there will be a plenty of  farm vegetables and fruits, homemade bread and pies, jams and sauces, desserts and delicacies.

To update your summer wardrobe or home interior go straight to Sarafan-market to try on a new hat or choose new table.

Any activities for kids?

The smallest street food lovers will be entertained by Mamslet, which means fun time is guaranteed.

As to music, there will be a music quizz for you to test your knoweldge of the most popular retro and moderns songs.

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Nite Nite Nite band, Hardy Hardy and an orchestra of seven musicians Sevenfold Brass Band will be there for your entertainement.

Ticket price: BYN 5 ($2,5) in pre-sale, BYN 7 ($3,5) at the entrance

Start and end time: 12am – 10pm

Source: TUT.BY