Minsk Upper Town To Host 15 Festivals Of National Cultures

A season of the festivals of national cultures will kick off in the Belarusian capital on Saturday, 26 May.

Every Saturday is a holiday!

Longing for some fun and party? Be at the Minsk Upper Town, the centre of festivities, every Saturday this summer.

This year the festival will feature 15 cultures – Swedish, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Moldavian, Israelian, Azerbaijanian, Georgian, Greek, South Korean, Italian, and Armenian.

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For the British and Estonia communities, it will be the first experience of taking part in such kind of a festival in Belarus.

The Vyasnovy Buket (Spring Bouquet) fair will kick off the season and bring together more than 300 local craftsmen.

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Competitions, master classes, dance bands performances and various surprises are planned to entertain the fest’s visitors.

Foodies will have a chance to feast on the Belarusian national dishes or taste exotic dishes from all over the world.

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Tourist season 2018 is currently in full swing in Belarus with festivals across the country to suit every taste and budget.

It started in Minsk on 5 May with the traditional Pedestrian Precinct project that unified more than 200 musicians.

Reenactment events, Minsk Day, Jazz Nights at the City Hall, Classics at the City Hall and many more will be held this season.