New Fancy Tourist Map Of Minsk Is OUT! What Do You Think?

As more people come to see Minsk, more useful and funny maps of the city get published – a graffiti map, a bar map or even this one that you can color yourself.

Check out this new map that has just been released!

The map ‘Look At Minsk’ was created to help tourists ‘fall in love with Minsk in one day’.

It has a simple and clear legend and modern design and is packed with useful information. For example, tourists can even learn where to watch movies in English!

The tourist map includes 200 places in the city centre and some landmarks on the outskirts.

Besides the principal tourist attractions, it will also guide guests of Minsk around sky decks, street art, theaters and museums, cafes and restaurants, places to have fun, hospitals and more.

Another extremelly useful feature of the tourist map is a 15km long walking route. It connects the city’s main attractions and is easy to make in one day.

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There’s an online version of the guide with more details on Minsk landmarks.

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The creators of the map – Moloko creative agency – plan to add info about transport, cafes and restaurants to the website in future.

The map is available to tourists at hotels Beijing, Minsk, Robinson, Victoria, Green City, Slavyanskaya; cafes Beze and Manufaktura and book shop Son Gogolia.

Visitors of Alivaria museum and museum of miniatures Belarusmini will also get them for free.

The next step for the creators of the project is to introduce the navigation of the route to Minsk streets. They are now discussing it with local authorities.