Minsk Is In Top 3 World’s Cleanest Cities, According To Reviews From Booking

Minsk has made it to the top of cities that impress visitors with cleanliness. The ranking of 30 of the cleanest cities in the world was compiled by The Street, an American financial news company.

minsk worlds cleanest cities

The capital of Belarus proudly won the 3rd place in the ranking based on Booking.com’s reviews sorted by the recommendation for cleanliness.

Minsk “is often touted by tourist sites as the world’s cleanest city”, writes The Street.

“Diligent workers take care of the city’s many parks and regularly keep the streets sparkling clean.”

Minsk followed Singapore and Tokyo in the ranking. The list also includes a couple of cities located in the neighboring countries, namely Russia’s Kazan (5th place) and Moscow (14th place).

Other flattering titles Belarusian capital recently got are the safe city and one of the best places to enjoy art and culture.

Image: etobelarusdetka