Bicycle Rental Network To Appear In Minsk Summer 2018

A cityride bicycle rental network may appear in Minsk in summer next year.

We want you to fall in love with our city the easy way – on two wheels!

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How do rentals work?

A general principle of their work is rather simple but can vary in different countries:

  1. You register in a special e-system via the Internet
  2. Leave a deposit: it can be a credit card + any identity document
  3. Take an available bike at special parking lots in the city
  4. Ride and return the bicycle to the same or any other parking lot of the rental
  5. A fee for the rent is automatically withdrawn from your credit card or can be paid in cash

What and when to expect in Minsk

Currently there are two private potential investors who are interested in such a long-awaited project.

One of the companies suggested to introduce a rental system, where a user will be able unlock bicycle by scanning the QR code on his mobile phone.

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At the end of the trip the application will automatically turn off the service and lock the bike.

Besides, the user will be able to return a bike to any station of the rental he finds more convenient to use.

The main condition of the authorities is that the service should be user-friendly, cheap and cover the whole city center.

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“We expect that by the next summer bicyle season we will already have first rental stations.

We also expect that the price for the services will be symbolic,” the Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Igor Yurkevich stated.

Meanwhile, the Minsk City Executive Committee is ready to consider offers from other investors.

Recall that several months ago the European Union has allocated €560,000 to encourage Belarusians to ride bicycles in cities.

The project was to encourage the development of bicycling infrastructure in Minsk and regions.

Source: TUT.BY