Mini Belarus: Museum Of Hyper Realistic Miniatures Will Soon Open In Minsk

The new museum will open its doors in December. The exposition will initially include 18 main Belarusian attractions in miniature, its organizer’s told Citydog.by.


The museum will be called “The mini country” and will be the first full-fledged museum of miniatures in Belarus. Today there are 35 such museums in the world.

It will be located in the centre of the city, in the building of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions at 25 Independence Avenue.

By the opening the museum will have 18 layouts of the most famous Belarusian sights: the Brest Fortress, Bialowieza Forest, Nesvizh Castle, the Trinity Suburb, the Red Church and others. But the organizers promise that in future the display will be expanded to 70 layouts.

“This museum is a certain level for the country”, the museum’s owner Evgeniy Danilik, a historian from Minsk, said.

The new museum belongs to this young and ambitious man and his wife.


He says the idea to open it came during a walk around Minsk:

“One day my wife and I were walking in the Upper town and saw the XV century map of Belarus on the wall of a building. And the idea popped in my head! I remembered seeing such displays in Germany, Russia and Singapore – and I thought, why there’s no such thing in Belarus?”

Evgeniy shared the idea with his wife, and the next day the couple drafted a business plan.

“Belarusians will put their soul in it”

It took Evgeniy a while to choose a contractor who would work with layouts. There were applicants from different countries, large and small workshops. But in the end the man decided that the Belarusians would do the work better – because they would put their soul in the project.

Evgeniy stresses that they’ve put a lot of emphasis on details, each layout is a piece of art in this respect. Nowhere in the world will one find such a detailed and thorough  design. The production of one layout takes about six person-months. 18 layouts will contain about 10,000 figurines.




The average size of a layout is 1×1 metre, but there will also larger works in the collection of the museum in Minsk. To achieve the maximum accuracy, modelling experts analyzed numerous pictures of the attractions from different times, historical literature and the real projects of buildings.

When a layout is ready, it is placed in a glass box. Evgeniy wanted nothing to prevent visitors from examining the layouts, but eventually it was decided to protect the exhibits. However, the glass they’ve selected will not hinder the visibility, and the exhibits will be lighted with special illumination to make them stand out in the dark exhibition space.




Besides, there will be a change of light to show the objects in alternation of day and night. At “night” the backlight will appear even inside in the piece, for example, in the windows of the miniature  buildings.

Evgeniy noted that one of the exhibits will be left “incomplete” so that visitors of the museum could see with their own eyes how the models were created. There will be parts with an unfinished wall or uncolored facade.





The owner of the museum believes that the exposition will attract not only tourists, but also Belarusians. The mobile application with an audio guide will be available for the visitors. They will be able to download it in advance or hire from the museum free of charge. Tourists will be able to “like” the attractions in the mobile application and then go to see the sights by themselves – or join an organized guided tour.

But the museum will be not only about learning, but also about having fun. There will be a small cafe, a thematic photo zone with traditional costumes, a shop selling unusual and inexpensive souvenirs. Part of the museum will become an event space for lectures, workshops and master classes.

The original version of this article was published by Citydog.by. The article was translated by Daria Alferovich for BelarusFeed.