Media Report New Incident With BelNPP Reactor Vessel

One more incident occured during the transportation of the reactor vessel for the Belarusian nuclear power plant, the media report. Official sources say the construction was not damaged. It will be installed on the first unit of the reactor instead of the reactor vessel that had been rejected by Belarus after a similar accident in summer 2016.


On 26 December a reader informed the news website charter97.org that the new reactor vessel, that is being thansported to the Belarusian NPP construction site from Russia, slightly hit a railway cantenary mast. The incident occurred near the station Slavnoe in Tolochin district of Vitebsk region.

On Tuesday, 27 December, the information was confirmed officially by the public relations department of the Belarusian NPP. The official report said that the incident occurred during shunting operations at the station, the contact being slight so no damage was found on the reactor’s body.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Energy verified the information about the absence of any nothing serious damage to the reactor’s vessel. “It wasn’t dropped… The transportation of the vesselĀ  continued further….”, the official stated.

The general contractor of BelNPP has informed the state news agency BelTA that the reactor vessel will undergo a technical expertise upon arrival to the construction site.

The new vessel will be installed over the first power unit of the reactor instead of the reactor vessel rejected by Belarus after a similar incident in July 2016. The reactor vessel slipped while being moved and came in contact with the ground because the workers had violated the relevant instructions.

A month later Belarusian authorities announced that the vessel would be replaced because it was impossible to confirm the safety of the vessel.

Belarus initially planned to set the first unit of the NPP into operation in 2018, and the second one in 2020.