MEDIA: Another Famous Actor Is Coming To Minsk To Meet Lukashenko

The organizers of an acrobatic show Dragon Kong told the media that Jackie Chan is coming to Belarus on Wednesday. According to them, a private jet with world famous actor will land at Minsk Airport, where he will be met by the representatives of the Presidential Administration. 


They said the visit will last a couple of hours. Jackie Chan might greet the public at the show, but there will be no press-conferences and meetings with fans.

The organizers said the meeting of Jackie Chan and Alexander Lukashenko “was on the cards” from the very beginning, but the interest in it from the side of the Presidential Administration appeared in the very last moment.

However, journalists were not able to confirm the visit neither at the airport, nor in the Presidential Administration.

Sounds more of a PR thing, but who knows if the Rumble in the Bronx and Drunken Master star will be greeted and treated by the Belarusian leader like the action hero Steven Seagal was?

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