American Mapping Company Buys Belarus’ Neural Network Start Up

An American mapping and location company Mapbox has aquired an artificial intelligence startup MapData based in Minsk, Belarus.

Interesting times for the mapping industry!

“It is important that here in Minsk you have a lot of start-ups. Whether it’s game developing companies or mapping services, it shows the trends.

There are projects that specialize in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Minsk is transforming into the center of serious developments,” said Erik Gundersen, Mapbox CEO.

After raising $164 million in a new funding round, Mapbox is now planning to open a new office in the city and become a resident of the High-Tech Park.

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The Belarusian company MapData focuses on building neural networks to improve computer vision for applications like augmented reality.

The companies will work jointly on deep learning, computer vision, and self-driving vehicles technologies.

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The MapData team will help in developing a new big product to build augmented reality-based maps into the apps ahat will work via the front-facing cameras on people’s gadgets.

A software development kit is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2018. Watch below what it is supposed to look like:

The news was made public by Aleinikov&Partners Law Firm on Facebook.