Designer Makes T-Shirt With Alexander Lukashenko On It

The closing of the Belarusian fashion and design contest “Mel’nitsa mody” made the headlines on Wednesday because of the collection featuring a T-shirt with the President printed on it. “He is one of the symbols of our country”, the designer told TUT.BY.

The collection called “Homeland” was created by designer Svetlana Vasilyeva.

Every item in the collection shows one symbol that Belarus is associated with – a cornflower, a stork, a bison. Somehow, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko is also among them.

“I did a lot in hitchhiking in Russia and Ukraine. There, when you say you are from Belarus, they always ask: “How is your Bat’ka doing?” (“bat’ka” is Belarusian for “father”. The word  is often used to refer to Lukashenko as the father of the nation – note),” Vasilyeva told journalists.

“So I thought, why not use his image? He is also a symbol of the country”. 

It took the designer a year to form the idea. As for the colors, she chose traditional colors: white, red and some beige.

“I used one of the most famous shots of the president for the print. I processed it in Photoshop, leaving only the outlines”.

Svetlana agreed it was a risky decision: “I decided that if no one takes it because they are afraid, it is worth a try”.

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The print appeared on the T-shirt in the very last moment and has already made some noise – in the media, among the public and the designer’s friends.

Svetlana has not yet decided how much the T-shirt with the president will cost. There were no offers to buy the model either.