Lukashenko Says Likely To Run For Another Term: I Won’t Be President For Life

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko announced that he is likely to run for re-election. Lukashenko also promised to determine the date of the next election “in the next couple of months”.

“My decision is based on the current state – my own and the country’s. So no one would accuse me of cowardice, that in a difficult moment I ran away,” Belarus leader told reporters during the Big Talk on Friday.

Alexander Lukashenko promised a fair election and added he wouldn’t have any active campaign, just like last time. But, naturally, he will collect voter’s signatures.

“I will put up my candidacy. You elect whom you want, you may not vote for me, it is fine.

But if things go wrong later – “a Petrov”, not Lukashenko was your choice. If you reproach me for something, I will tell you: well, so you could have voted for me, but you hadn’t.”

The president shared his impressions about his job:

“Being president of Belarus is hard. But I don’t complain. Sometimes I suffer, sometimes I rejoice.

I really appreciate that I had been elected the first president of Belarus.”

Alexander Lukashenko reassured he wouldn’t “using any twists and turns” to prolong his political career:

“I promise you that I will not be president for life. I swear.

I also promise that I will not hold on to power for my children and will not pass it on to them. I have no intention to do it.”

According to the Belarusian leader, the date of the next election will be determined in March-April.

Two election campaigns – the parliamentary and presidential – will be held in Belarus in 2020 and almost coincide. Earlier the Central Elections Committee had announced the intention to hold one of the campaigns earlier thus shortening the term or either the president or the parliament.

Alexander Lukashenko held a big press conference termed the Big Talk on 1 March. Belarus President was answering questions from the media and community.

The meeting lasted for over seven hours and gathered over 200 participants, but less than thirty of them managed to ask their questions to the president. Find the highlights of the meeting here.

Photo: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus.