Lukashenko Just Revealed If His Son Will Suceed Him As President

Alexander Lukashenko does not want his youngest son Nikolai to be president. According to the head of state, the youngest son told him many times that he would not like to be engaged in this work when he grew up.

Alexander Lukashenko made the statement in an exclusive interview with TASS First Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman.


Alexander Lukashenko with his sons Nikolai, Dmitry and Viktor. October 2, 2015.

The Belarusian leader admitted that he does not like the hype the Russian media create around his son.

“That’s just absurd… The law states that president has to be older than 35. Do they mean I will have to stay in power for 20 more years?! I will not live to see how Kolya becomes president…”

The head of state said he would not want Nikolay to become president after him, just as he would not the eldest son Viktor to suceed him either.

“They understand that their father serves, not rules. There’s a great difference between serving and ruling… It is hard to serve and they see the burden I have taken on myself. And they realize the drawbacks”.


Nikolay is now interested in other things, Alexander Lukashenko shared. He plays hockey for the team of Minsk, and takes care of the elderly in a retirement house together with his classmates.

President’s elder sons are also involved in charity work.

The interview with TASS was recorded on September 6 for a TV movie dedicated to 25th anniversary of the CIS. The full version was released on Monday, September 11.