Cheap Beer And Housing. Why Minsk Is One Of Best Places To Live And Work

Belarus’ capital is a good place to live with high ratings in cost of living, safety and environmental quality, Teleport cities website reports.

Move to your best place to live and work.

Teleport is a service that allows you to compare life quality data for hundreds of cities worldwide and get a city ranking based on your personal preferences.

Minsk, which is is particularly characterized by reasonably priced housing, got in the top 10 cities worth moving to.

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Let’s have a look at other criteria. BelarusFeed warns that the data sources remain unclear and should not be treated as 100% true.

Cost of living

Moving to Minsk will very likely decrease your daily costs of living.

The site notes that daily expenses in Minsk are 65% lower than in San Francisco.

Lunch in the center of Europe will cost $7, beer – $0.83, cappuccino – $1.8 and bread – $0.18.

Well, we have some doubts about the bread price, maybe they accessed a loaf of bread in some public catering places.

One movie ticket here will cost you $3, monthly public transport pass – $15, monthly fitness clus membership – $38, Internet – $10 .


The overall crime rate puts Minsk in position 41 of 265 cities in a ranking for the safest cities.


Actually, this is the most controversial data section gathered by Teleport website experts.

According to the service, an IT manager in Minsk earns $6.700 a year, data analyst and web developer $6,200.

Meanwhile, a web designer earns $6,400, mobile developer $ 7,300 and QA engineer – $11, 700.

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Looks like it is much more profitable to be a pharmacist in Minsk with an annual salary of $ 13.200 or a dentist with $ 15.500 in his pocket.

The environmental quality put us in 90th position, business climate in 214th, healthcare in 222nd, education in 232th and economic growth – 236th.

Surprisingly, the level of tolerance, including the LGBT Equality Index, put Minsk at 106th place.