Black and with a tank! See what UNIQUE Belavia-Wargaming PLANE looks like

In the beginning of the week the Belarusian air carrier Belavia and Wargaming, the developer of the popular online game World of Tanks, announced a demonstration of a unique branded airliner Boeing 737-300. 

On Friday, 29 July, the National airport Minsk was swarming with journalists and curious guests. The arrival of the aircraft, that flew from Czeck Republic, was expected in the morning. But the public had to wait for longer…


There was a DJ and good-looking stewardesses entertaining the public…

Some more waiting… and finally here it is!




Really impressive!!!




Can you spot a tank?

The Boeing is painted in black, with the Belarusian ornament in orange on the fuselage and a white cornflower — one of the symbols of Belarus — on the tail. The inscription on the body of the plane says “The Game from Belarus Enjoyed Worldwide”.

It took 13 people, 300 litres of paint and 1800 man hours to create its unusual appearance.

The aircraft will make its first flight to Moscow tomorrow, and will be actively flying till 8 August. Then it will be sent to Vilnius for an interior  makeover so that is fully complies with the new image.

Source: TUT.BY