Authorities Propose Raising Legal Drinking Age In Belarus To 21

Ministry Of Internal Affairs supports the idea of raising legal drinking age in Belarus.

“We are in favor of the idea to increase it from 18 to 21”, the ministry told the media on Thursday, 20 July.

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Similar proposal had previously been voiced by the Ministry of Healthcare.

Health authorities believe that the availability of alcohol to young people over the age of 18 leads to a 25-fold increase in the number of youngsters aged 18 to 21 with alcohol dependence.

There’s a tendency of increased alcohol consumption at night time, which, in turn, leads to increased crime rate.

In H1 2017, Belarusians aged 18-20 years made up 4.8% of adults who committed crimes in the state of intoxication.

According to WHO, Belarus is one of the world leaders in alcohol consumption. In 2016 the country finally yielded the first place in the unflattering statistics to Lithuania.

However, official Belarusian statistics disagrees with WHO numbers. Belstat states per capita alcohol volume in Belarus at 8.8 liters, which is almost twice lower than the WHO figure.

Source: TUT.BY