Listen To Japanese Man Singing The Song Of Belarusian Rock Band

Meet Nishimoto Tadashi from Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The man has recently got in the headlines after a video showing him singing a song of Belarusian rock band emerged.

In the video, the 27-year-old is singing an excerpt from the song of J:MORS and congratulated the Belarusians on the New Year. What made a Japanese guy want to learn Belarusian? The answer is simple – it’s love.

Before meeting his wife, Masha, Nishimoto knew nothing about Belarus, except for the name of the country he had heard at the Olympics. Merging into the Belarusian culture started with music. The couple listened to various bands but J:MORS won the heart of the foreigner.

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“I didn’t understand the words but felt that lyrics should be magical. I’ve been following the band’s creative work for six years. Now I recommend their new songs to Masha and friends,” he says.

Willing to thank the band for their work and positive emotions the guys decided to record a video. The motive of the song ‘Blizka’ Nishimoto knew by heart, all he needed to do is to learn the literal translation of the song and memorize the words.

The most difficult was to pronounce the Belarusian sounds right. And yet, he did it well. “I think the Belarusian language is very melodious and easy to sing. I believe I can actually sing other songs of the band, I just need time to prepare well.”

Nishimoto and his big family visited his parents-in-law Belarus last autumn and was impressed with the country’s nature and people.

Nishimoto with his wife Masha

“If I had to describe Belarus with one word, I’d say it is ‘nature’. So much greenery and trees, so neat and quiet streets. People are so kind and friendly. When they learned that I am from Japan, they greeted me with ‘Konnichiwa’ (hello’ in Japanese – BelarusFeed note).

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I explored Minsk, ate potato pancakes, went to Mirsky and Nesvizhsky castles. I really hope to come to Belarus again, meet J:MORS and maybe even sing together. I’d like to go to the forest and chill at the lakes, visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha,” the foreigners shares his plans for the future.

Source: TUT.BY