Cyberwarfare IT Squad To Appear In Belarusian Army By 2018 Year End

Up to 60 people are planned to be recruited for the information technology company of the Belarusian army.

The IT trend in Belarus are to be taken to another level.

Two squads or 40 people will be recruited in autumn, 20 more people will be drafted in spring.

To qualify for a place in the company, the young men must have higher technical education with IT specialisation.

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At the same time, they will have to be healthy both physically and psychologically.

The potential soldiers will undergo various interviews and testings before joining the prestigious IT squad.

What will it do?

The establishment of the IT company is a project that will benefit the Belarusian army and the country’s IT industry.

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It will develop software, special and applied programs together with the Military Academy and other institutions.

The present top-priority projects are warfare modelling, navigation support, and the development of automated systems for control and radiolocation.

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It was specified that the new army unit will particlualry focus on math support for the projects and on software development.

Belarus is doing its best to maintain its status of the IT country. Recall that since December this yeat the use of digital currencies were made legal.

Besides, the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park (HTP) resident-companies have a possibility to attract specialists from abroad without limitation,

Sources: BelTA, TUT.BY