Iraqi Airways Opens Regular Seasonal Flight To Minsk

Regular flights were opened between Minsk and Baghdad by Iraqi Airways on Friday, 20 January. The official reception of the aircraft from Iraq was reported by Minsk National Airport.

The new regular flight will connect Belarus (Minsk) and Iraq (Baghdad, Basra).


It is a seasonal route that will be operated on Fridays till 20 February, the airport’s website schedule indicates.

The plane arrives in Minsk at 10:40 and leaves for Baghdad at 15:00.

The plane that arrived in Belarus on Friday carried a big governmental delegation including the Minister of Transport of Iraq Kazem Finjan, Iraqi Airways Director General Kubah Samer, MP Al-Tameemi Sabah and other officials.


Talks on the future of cooperation between Iraq and Belarus were held at the airport.

The representative of the Department of Aviation of Belarus, who was among the welcoming Belarusian delegation, noted that now it would be easier for Belarusians to get acquainted with the rich history and sights of Iraq.


According to spotters, aircraft of Iraqi Airways were first noticed in Minsk on 16 December.

The press service of Minsk National Airport did not respond immediately when asked to comment on it on 20 January, Belarusian news website TUT.BY reported.

Photo credit: Minsk National Airport