Internal Ministry: There Will Be No Syrian Refugees In EU-Funded Migrant Centres In Belarus

07_bezhency_belgrad_20150905_shuk_tutby_phsl_7365The EU will allocate 7 million euros to finance the construction of refugee facilities in Belarus. The camps will host only illegal migrants detained in Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told the media.

The European Commission has decided on the allocation of €7 million on the international technical assistance project to help Belarus address issues related to the increasing inflow of illegal migrants.

“The project will focus on setting up facilities for illegal migrants. Those centres will be designed only for illegal migrants detained in Belarus and will not accomodate Syrian or other refugees from the EU”, the Interior Ministry stressed.

Illegal migrants will be held in refugee centres until the completion of the necessary personal identification and deportation procedures. At present, the Interior Ministry and the State Border Committee of Belarus do not have facilities designated for such people.

“In addition to creating migrant centers, the money will be spent on facilitation of the voluntary return of foreigners from Belarus to their states of citizenship, as well as for solving a number of other problems”, the Ministry added.

Last week a number of Belarusian and foreign media reported the allocation of 7 million euros to Belarus. According to them, each centre would have between 30 to 50 rooms and meet “the best EU and international standards”.

German media sources said that the centres would accomodate three groups of migrants: refugees from Ukraine, Syria and those who are fleeing the “economic crisis in Russia and are seeking work in the EU”.