Internal Affairs Ministry Explains Why Tourists Fail To Register Online

Starting 2 January foreigners arriving in Belarus can register online and free. However, turns out some of them experience difficulties while undergoing the process.

According to recent data, 420 foreigners have used the website, with only 226 successfully passing registration.

Why almost half of them failed?

The representatives of the Internal Affairs Ministry explained what kind of difficulties could have emerged and what to do to avoid them.

“If at least one character in passport data is mistyped, if the border crossing date is incorrect, if some fields are incorrectly filled in or are not filled in at all, the user will be denied registration,” Vladimir Kuzuro said.

The ministry analyzes the statistics of both successful and failed attempts to use the system and notes that an absolute majority of registration denials are caused by incorrect typed-in data.

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The Citizenship and Migration Department of the Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry would like users to report all problems encountered during the online registration process.

Call +375 (17) 218-55-08 during working hours or +375 (17) 229-30-00 (extension number 713) to report of any problem occurs.

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Mind that…

Online registration is not available for foreigners who travel to Belarus from Russia. They should apply for registration to the Departments of Citizenship and Migration upon their arrival.

Plus, the extension of registration can only be done through a personal application to the Departments of Citizenship and Migration. The introduction of the online registration for tourists was a long-awaited step.

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Another promise was to increase the term of registration to 10 days. Currently, tourists must register within 5 business days after arrival to Belarus, and re-register if they change accommodation during their stay in Belarus.

The authorities also mentioned canceling registration altogether but that novelty is likely to take time.