Two More Info Booths For Tourists To Appear In Minsk Soon

Two more information kiosks for tourists to appear in Minsk in the first half of 2018, the state-run company Mingorspravka reports.

The information was made public by director of the company Borisov Vasiliyev at a meeting in the Minsk City Hall on Monday, 12 February.


One information kiosk will be in the Minsk National Airport and the other at 11 Bogdanovicha Street.

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What benefits?

There foreign guests will be able to purchase Minsk Guest Cards that give discounted admission to Minsk museums, various landmarks and sports events.

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Minsk Guest Card offers free admission to 11 museums and the zoo, 50% discounts to museums, excursions and aquaparks.

Grab All Discounts And Bonuses! Minsk Guest Card Preorders Are Open

Discounts up to 20% are offered by hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, car rentals. The card can be used as an electronic ticket for public transport.

Other info points

Similar information booths currently operate at the railway station and in the Upper Town.

Want to learn more about the country, Minsk and its citizens? Need to plan their travel routes, acquire guidebooks, tickets for concerts and theaters?

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Info kiosks are there for you!

The information kiosk in the Upper Town has a multimedia screen showing videos about Belarus and Minsk.

The work on opening information kiosks is conducted together with the Minsk information and tourist center.

The main purpose of the program is promoting the tourism potential of the city and make tourists stay here pleasant and comfortable.

Sources: BelTA