Belarus Celebrates Independence Day

On 3 July Belarus marks Independence Day, the main state holiday.

Today a festive parade is held in Minsk. In the evening citizens and guests of the city will see a concert and fireworks.

Independence Day celebration on this day was established after the referendum of 1996.

Before it, the main state holiday was marked on 27 July (the day of signing  of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the BSSR in 1990), while 3 July was the Minsk City Day devoted to the liberation of the capital from the German invaders in 1944.

The military parade has begun at 10.00 near the obelisk “Minsk – Hero City”.

In the evening, a big concert will begin there.

Music will be on since 21:00, continued with a hymn singing at 22:55 and a fiework at 23:00.

Shots will be made from six locations: the obelisk “Minsk – Hero City”,  airport Minsk-1, Drozdy park, Navinki district, Vostochny district and from near the cemetery in Chizhovska.

The metro will be open till 2 a.m.