More Belarusian Families Unhappy About Their Income

Every sixth Belarusian family – 15.7% – was unhappy about its income in 2016, TUT.BY reports.

In 2015 the number of such households reached only 13.7%.

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Photo: TUT.BY

Families raising two and more children complained about their income more often than other households – 21.1%, or every fifth family, according to Belstat.

Retired people were the least unhappy about personal finances. Only 11.4% of pensioners voiced dissatisfaction (7.9% in 2015).

As to the regional distribution, most of the dissatisfied families reside in Mogilev region (22.9% of the total), least – in Minsk (10.9%).

The majority of Belarusian families – 67.6% of the total number of households – assess their income as “average”.

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At the same time every fourth family in Belarus – 26.5% – rated their earnings as “slightly below average”. This figure has remained almost the same in comparison with 2015.

To improve their financial situation, Belarusians change jobs (35.3%), do part-time work (29.8%), and engage in entrepreneurial activities (22.3%).

Source: TUT.BY