Leader Of Radio Charts Imany Coming To Minsk This Spring

The star of the pop-soul scene Imany will give one performance in Minsk. The concert of the multi-platinum performer will take place in Prime Hall on 26 April.

Imany’s latest hit  Do not Be So Shy got to the top of music charts in Germany, Austria, Russia and Poland, and has collected over 200 million views on Youtube.

imany minsk

Interestingly, the song was the most popular track among Minskers for most of the last year, according to a Shazam rating.

French born Nadia Mladjao, who took the stage name Imany, has always dreamed of becoming a singer – despite her low, as she says, ‘man-eater’ voice.

In music, Imany is looking for authenticity and eternity. Her role models are Tracy Chapman and Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin, Nirvana and Ben Harper.

The singer’s debut album was released in 2011. It became platinum in France and Greece, and in Poland it got this status three times.

In August 2016 Imany released her second studio album The Wrong Kind of War, which she will present in Minsk in spring.

Tickets for the Minsk concert are on sale on AFISHA.TUT.BY.  Prices range from 60 to 140 BYN ($30-73).