Production Of Jet Black Ice Cream Started In Belarus

The black ice cream frenzy reached Belarus as the production of an unusual treat started in Mogilev. 

Eaters beware: it will leave your tongue and lips black!

Forget traditional liquorice ice cream, in Belarus it has black currant taste and cranberry jam inside.

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“Black colour is a fashion trend in food industry right now,” food experts explain the idea behind the dark dessert.

Where can you find it when feeling daring enough to try it?

A trial batch of 20,000 dark-coloured sweets will soon go on sale in Mogilev.

When the ice ream will appear at the shop shelves of other cities is yet unknown.

What is it made of?

The Instagram-friendly food is made by mixing vegetable charcoal with an ice cream.

The natural colouring is also added to a waffle cone to make it look even more gothic and mysterious.

It is perfectly safe and does not affect the taste of the product and usually used in other foods to make them black.

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Charcoal-coloured foods became a trend in past couple of years, starting with drinks, pizza and burgers.

We can’t wait for summer to come and see the dessert taking over Instagram feeds of Belarusians!