Alexander Lukashenko’s Youngest Son Gives First-Ever Interview

Family life of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is rather a closed topic. Journalists rarely get a glimpse of it. So it was a great surprise for many when state TV showed a 30-minute report about in interview that president’s youngest son Nikolai has given recently.

Kolya’s first-ever interview wasn’t to any of the world-famous media, but to a 11-year-old reporter from Russia.


Evgeny Grishin, a young journalist from Vladivostok, flew 10 hours to met with Nikolai Lukashenko, 12. According to the TV report, Evgeny has wanted to make a news story about Belarus. He contacted the press service of Alexander Lukashenko and was invited to the country a month later.

The boy took a long interview with Nikolai Lukashenko and even met Alexander Lukashenko himself.

Here are the seven most interesting quotes made by the Nikolai Lukashenko – in pictures.


Nikolai Lukashenko has music lesson four times a week. He even once played the piano with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in four hands.


Nikolai Lukashenko showed the reported a big countryside house and the family farm. He knows the named of all animals in the farm but his favourite pet is a red Persian cat.

The farm appears to be rather big. As the Belarusian leader told the media a few months ago, “there are many animals. Three ostriches, ducks, 25 geese… 10 cows, 10 goats, 15 sheep, seven or eight horses” live there.


Kolya demonstrated a photo album with his photos from trips abroad to the young correspondent. And was extremelly diplomatic in answering the question about the places he liked best.


Nikolai Lukashenko skies since the age of three, and playes hockey 2-3 times a week.


Kolya showed the reporter around his school. The youngest son of the president admitted that his favorite subject is Geography. He also takes part is school performances and concerts.


The boy spoke about his New Year wishes and presented Evgeny with a professional video camera.


And that is how he answered the main question that bothered the young journalist.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA. Full report here (in Russian).