5 Tender Phrases To Say ‘I Love You’ In Belarusian

Love is the only language that is never foreign or misunderstood. Still no one ever gets tired of hearing “I love you”. Why not try saying it in Belarusian?

Don’t hide your feelings!

If your Valentine happens to be Belarusian, you might need to update your vocabulary with some sweet and tender words of love and affection.

BelarusFeed is always here for you. We put together 5 simple phrases to help you win a heart of your lover in one of the most authentic ways.

1. I can’t live without you

Can’t stop thinking about your significant other? Every minute he or she is not around feels like agony?

These words might help you express a whole pallet of your bittersweet pain:

2. You are my sun!

Overwhelmed with tenderness? Can’t contain yourself and desperately need to say something romantic before you explode?

Call her/him your sunshine:

3. I fell in love with you at first sight

The moment you saw your bae you knew he/she was the one. Why keep it a secret?

4. You are my love forever

You know, this is it. Love you always dreamed of, love that will last forever and ever, no matter what.

5. Love you will all my heart

Is your heart full love? Be brave and say it out loud!

Feel like you want to know more Belarusian words to keep a conversation going when surrounded by locals, these 15 lovely words will cater for different life situations.

Watch BelarusFeed special Val’s Day video:

Special thanks to Dasha Buryakina and Dmitry Bobrik without whose participation this article and video would not have seen the light of day.