How much did you spend? Govt wants to learn more about tourists coming to Belarus

city_tour_07092015_tutby_brush_phsl_img_02Tourists coming to Belarus will be asked how much they spent during the trip. Surveys will be conducted in trains, at railway stations and at the airport, Ministry of Sports and Tourism announced.

Polls will be taking place for five days yearly.

Survey forms will be held out randomly to foreigners travelling through Minsk airport, by trains or buses around Belarus. For example, a tourist will receive a form to fill in at the check-in desk and will then hand it back to a flight attendant on a plane.

Surveys will contain questions relating to the purpose of the visit (tourism, transit, shopping, family or other), accomodation and spending. Travelers will be asked to put down the sum they’ve spent in Belarus as well as specify how much money went on travel arrangements, rent or hotel, food, transport, excursions and souvenirs.

Similar surveys will be conducted among Belarusians travelling around the country.

The National Tourism Agency will then analyze the information and present it to the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.