Hi-Tech Nation Forum In Belarus To Gather Famous Experts, Entrepreneurs And Futurists

Probusiness gathers world-renowned experts, entrepreneurs, futurists, executives of the largest tech companies and investors at the HI-TECH NATION forum on  20-21 April in Minsk.

This is unprecedented!

The Decree “On the Development of the Digital Economy” comes into force this spring, making Belarus one of the world’s most comfortable jurisdictions for IT business.

It also creates a variety of new opportunities for high-tech companies and startups – both for residents and non-residents of the country.

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That’s why this is probably the perfect timing for the largest business forum in the country’s history.

The forum will specify the opportunities that occur at the intersection of high technologies and traditional industries and what prospects open in Belarus for hi-tech companies and startups.

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Famous economist Nouriel Roubini, inventor, futurist and Google CTO Raymond Kurzweil, a co-author of the business bestselling “Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle” Saul Singer and other star speakers already confirmed their participation in the forum.

The revolutionary decree is designed to boost the country’s IT sector, attract foreign investments and turn Belarus into an international tech haven.

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Belarus High Technologies Park (HTP) is a special economic zone with a exceptional tax and legal regime a Belarusian analog of Silicon Valley.

The Park has established its reputation as an Research and development centre by attrcating  companies like Fitbit, IAC, Mapbox, WorkFusion, Rakuten (Viber), to name a few.

Source: probusiness.io