He Wanted “To Chop People”. Police Reveal Details Of Chainsaw Attack In Minsk

The Investigative Committee of Belarus has revealed the details of a horrible attack in a shopping mall in Minsk that left one woman dead and two injured on Saturday, October 8.


The attacker is seen entering the shopping mall. CCTV camera screenshot

According to the First Deputy Chairman Alexey Volkov, a young man entered the shopping mall “Europe” at about 17.20. He was carrying a guitar case where an ax was hidden on his back and a chainsaw in his hands. Having walked some 50 metres, the guy took off the case and approached two women sitting at a bench in the corridor.

As the two tried to flee, he attacked one of the women from behind and injured her with the chainsaw on the back. The victim fell down, and then the attacker put off the chainsaw and hit her with the ax. The woman, a sales assistant in one of the shops, died of injuries at the scene.


The sales point where the woman was killed

Afterwards the guy continued his way to a cafe where he injured another woman, a visitor.

He then started walking along the corridor and faced one more woman, also a worker of the mall. Luckily, the third vicitm managed to escape the blow and received minor injury on the hand.


The place of the attack

“As the attacker was walking the corridors of the shopping mall, he was followed by 5 to 15 people who tried to stop him by throwing bins and chairs at him. I would like to express my gratitude to those people”, Volkov said.

The official added that the CCTV video from the scene had not revealed any action by the centre’s security guards – this fact will be a matter of a separate investigation.

The attacker was detained 11 minutes later by workers of the shopping mall and visitors, and handed over to the police.


He is 17 years old, a freshman of one of the universities in Minsk. The suspect comes from a wealthy family and is living separately from his parents in his own apartment.

When questioned about the motives of the crime, he said that he was irritated by crowds of people, himself and everything: “I wanted to chop people”. He admitted he had bought the chainsaw, ax, eye and hearing protection when he was planning the attack.

Experts are seen working at the crime scene

Tests have shown that the attacker was not under the influence of drugs or other psychotropic substances at the time of the attack. He himself admitted drinking some 150 grams of alcohol several hours before the crime.

Police continue to interrogate the witnesses. The suspect will be subject to a complex psychological and psychiatric examination.

The victim of the attack, Elena, was 43 years old. It has been reported that she was the mother of a 21-year-old son with a hearing impairment. Her colleagues are collecting money for the family. The funeral will take place on Tuesday.


Flowers and candles brought to the place where the 43-year-old woman died

The injured visitor is 46 years old. The woman has been taked to hospital, doctors describe her condition as moderate.

The third woman attacked was injured slightly and did not need hospital treatment.


The shopping mall opened at usual hour on Sunday, but was mostly deserted

The teenager killed one woman and injured other two in the shopping mall in Minsk on Saturday. Terrorist attacks and indiscriminate killings are relatively rare in Belarus, although a bombing on the Minsk Metro in April 2011 claimed 15 lives.

Source: TUT.BY