Happy 100! There Are 415 Centenarians Living in Belarus

There are 415 centenarians in Belarus, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection reported on 27 January.

Like half a year ago, women are heavily outnumbering men when it comes to reaching milestone birthdays. 365 women and 50 men have celebrated their 100th anniversary this year.


As of 1 January, there were five people over 110 in Belarus. There’s one super long-lives – a resident of Grodno who is 115 years old.

Grodno region is traditionally among the leaders in Belarus in the number of long-livers: as of 1 January 2017, there were 81 person over 100. Next by the number of long-lives come Vitebsk (66) and Gomel (58) regions.

There are 56 centenarians in Minsk region, 55 in Brest region and 45 in Mogilev region.

Minsk is home to 54 Belarusians over 100.