7 Weird Habits Belarusians Have That Baffle Foreigners AF

Odd, crazy, just weird or absolutely bizarre. Some Belarusian traditions, customs and habits just can’t be explained so easily. To give you some insight into this subject BelarusFeed made a list of 7  habits that usually baffle people from other countries.

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Dress to impress

This habit mostly applies to the Belarusian women who can’t imagine walking a dog or go shopping for groceries without full makeup and dressed to kill.

all-girl run in Minsk on International Women's Day

Who haven’t seen a girl wearing high hills and a mini skirt or a beautiful dress even when it’s freezing -20° outside. Why do they do that?

Unfortunately, few can explain what stands behind this maniac desire to always look as if you are a beauty queen.

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Meanwhile, foreigners can’t take their eyes off elegant and charming ladies walking the streets of Belarusian cities and envy local men who enjoy this beauty every day.

Smiles? No, thanks

Well, actually there can be loads of reasons why Belarusians may look like the gloomiest people in the world.

The turbulent and sad history – WWII, Chernobyl and 70 years in the USSR – the economic hardships, dictatorship label consequences or just a national trait.

But there may be just one simple and obvious reason for that. Have you guessed already? No? Then check this article that dots l’s and crosses T’s once and for all.

Parentheses instead of emoji)

Well, if you are a foreigner this is probably the first unusual thing that caught your eye in a conversation with your Belarusian friend.

What do these «)))» signs at the end of the sentences mean? To put it simply, it’s just an ordinary way to be polite and friendly without acting too emotional.

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And it may somehow be connected with the habit mentioned above.

This evolution of smileys 🙂 ➡ ))) ➡ ) might help you express different degrees of friendliness when in the Belarusian-speaking segment of the web.

Tea party

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

If a Belarusian invites you to have just a cup of tea or coffee – come as hungry as you can and be ready that a quick bite will turn into lunch and then dinner.

If you are brave enough to be tortured with the most delicious dishes until you won’t be able to move, then say yes at your own risk.

Soviet nostalgia

One may find it weird to see adults watching Soviet cartoons or movies over and over again.

Such a phenomenon can be explained by nostalgia for the Soviet Union, the sources of which are also varied and complex.

For many today, the Soviet era still evokes feelings of pride, unity, economic stability, and security.

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It should be noted that feelings of nostalgia experience people of the older generation and it is gradually declining over time.


Whistling when at somebody’s home? Don’t, otherwise, you’ll not have any money. Outside – no problem, whistle as much as you want, but inside – never!

Knocking on wood three times.

When it might help? This social habit is used when you want your luck or a good situation to continue even after it’s mentioned.

It means you literally knock on the nearest object made of wood, a tree will do as well.

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Sit for a second in silence before your journey.

It is done to put your thoughts together and think of anything you may have forgotten. Most superstitions originate from paganism.

Nowadays people don’t remember the reason behind them, they just repeat rituals the same way their parents and grandparents did.

What do other people say?

Turns out the Belarusians do really bother what an impression they make on people. The roots of such behaviour lies in our childhood.

As kids we have to listen to our parents, then it is our friends, relatives, neighbours, strangers and anyone who is around.

Expectedly, it affects us and to this day in Belarus people may treat foreigners with some suspicion.

Why would anyone choose to visit our country, unless he is a spy who had been sent by foreign secret service, right?

To know how to make friends with the Belarusians this guide may be of help. Thank us later! 🙂