Guy Sleeps In His Car For One MONTH To Find Out Who Scratches It

A guy from Minsk chose an unusual way to track down a hooligan who was scratching his car for six months. After recordings from the car camera proved useless and police failed to help, Vitaly, the owner of the car, decided he would find out the truth himself.


Picture: scooterclub.by

Vitaly was parking his VW near the apartment building where he lives. The car was parked next to a pedestrian walk, but it didn’t break any rules and didn’t block the passage.


Picture: scooterclub.by

The driver noticed first scratches in summer, but didn’t pay attention to them at first as he thought it was just an accident. Soon he realized that someone was leaving marks on his vehicle deliberately.

The number of scratches on various car parts kept increasing – in half a year someone left about 20 marks.


Vitaly shared the pictures of scratches at one of the Belarusian car forums. Picture: scooterclub.by

In an attempt to understand what was going on, the man posted a notice on his car window, asking the unknown abuser to explain the reasons for their action in an e-mail.

His message remained unanswered.


The man even left a message to the abuser on a car window. “How have I harmed you? If you’re afraid to call, at least send me an anonymous e-mail”, the notice read. Picture: scooterclub.by

Recordings from a car camera didn’t help either.

“There were videos with suspicious pedestrians approaching my car, but it wasn’t clear if they scrathed the car or not. I sent recordings to the police, but they told me it was impossible to identify anything”, Vitaly told one of the Belarusian news websites.


Vitaly shared the pictures of scratches at one of the Belarusian car forums. Picture: scooterclub.by

Then he decided to catch the bad person on his own: for a month Vitaly would get up in the middle of the night, dress and go to doze in a sleeping bag in the car. He found out that the damage was taking place between 4 and 6 a.m.

Finally, in the end of November, the truth came out. Turned out it was an elderly woman who was scratching Vitaly’s car.


The man followed her asking for explanation and recorded a video proof. The woman wasn’t able to explain the reasons behind her action and offered to pay “for that one scratch” she was caught leaving that morning.

The man, however, insisited on her admitting the guilt, and when the woman refused, he called the police.

Driver records conversation with a woman who was scratching his car for half a year

The case is under investigation now. The driver said no new scrathes have appeared on the vehicle since then.