Guy From Belarus Makes 3D-printed Prosthetic Arm For His Father For JUST $1500

A guy from Minsk has created a 3D-printed prosthetic for his father. The price tag of the prosthetic is $1500 versus $30K for a similar typical mass product.

Oleg Galtsev is a programmer from Minsk. He has spent about two years working on an electromechanical prosthetic hand for his father who lost his arm in an accident 20 years ago.

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“I contacted a clinic in Germany and asked if they ould make a bionic hand for my father. They said: “Yes, absolutely”, but that would cost us $30,000 plus additional costs for maintanence. We did not have such money so I started to search it it was possible to buy such prosthesis in Belarus.”

It turned out that bionic prostheses were not and are still not produced in the country. Inspired by the growing use of 3D printers, Oleg decided he should try to make one himself.

The idea was to create affordable prostheses with all the capabilities of their modern analogues. All parts of the prosthesis can be printed using a 3D-printer, making the limb 20 times cheaper than the existing analogues.

Oleg, who is responsible for the programming part and project development, is working on the project together with another programmer Sergei Arefiev. Sergei Galtsev is taking care of 3D-modeling and mechanics.


The main feature of the prosthesis is a simple control system. A person can move the hand with the help of the muscles above the elbow. Muscle movement sets the mechanism into action.

In Europe “smart” prostheses cost about 25-30 thousand euros. Oleg and Sergey managed to reduce the cost of the prosthesis to 1,500 US dollars thanks to inexpensive components and 3D printing. The developers have also shared the 3D file and instructions online – so anyone can print out and make a similar prosthetic hand.

Learn more about the project MyTriton.

Source: 42.TUT.BY