Where To Find Wi-Fi And Сash Exchanges? Highly Useful Guide Around Minsk Airport

Every trip starts with a journey. In many cases, with an airport. 

This guide around Minsk airport will tell you where to find cash exchange and drug store, buy a SIM card, have a snack and depart to the city.

Minsk airport

It is a good idea to study the airport’s official website before coming to Minsk.

Besides the information about flight and border inspection, the website contains schemes of the terminals that will help not to get lost in the building.

Look through the tabs “For passengers” and “Services”: there’s info about luggage storage and packing, a first-aid post, a barber shop, and other useful tips.

How to get to Minsk?

There are a few ways to get from the airport to the city.

Minsk airport

If you prefer the comfort and speed of a taxi, use the service of the airport’s official taxi service 7373.

Cars can be ordered and paid at the Transfer desk. Payment is accepted in Belarusian and Russian rubles, dollars and euros. You can pay either in cash or by plastic card. The trip to the city center will take about 50 minutes and 55 (~27).

You can also use free Wi-Fi and order a taxi from the city. It’ll take a little bit of time but will also cost cheaper – about 35 Br (~€17).

Note: There may be private taxis waiting outside but travelers are generally not recommended to use them. You might have to may much more compared to regular taxis.

Public transport departs from the bus station located between sectors 5 and 6.


Just hop on a bus No300Э or minibus No1400-TK. They run with a half hour interval, the schedule can be found here.

You can purchase tickets online or at a ticket terminal in the airport building. Tickets can also be bought from a cashier at a bus stop or the driver.

Bus ticket costs about €2. In about an hour you will be getting off the bus at the Central bus station (next to the Central railway station).

Note: Minibus No1400-TK also makes a stop near Uručča metro station, so depending on where your hotel is, you might find it more convenient to take metro from there


Another way to get to Minsk is by train. However, it runs only 5 times a day (7.17, 10.56, 14.26, 18.47, 22.22) from the station “National Airport Minsk”. Informations stands with the schedule are at the exits from the airport.

Note: The train station is located at some distance from the airport’s building. There’s a shuttle bus that stops in front of sectors 5 and 6 in the arrivals area.

UPD: Train service has been temporarily stopped since 7 April due to repair works.

Travelers can also rent a car. Prices range from €35 for a small vehicle to €150 for a premium car.

Where to buy a local sim card and charge your phone?

There are stands of two Belarusian mobile operators at the airport.

A sales point of MTS is located near sectors 5-6; a sales point of life;) is closer to international flights sectors.

All Belarusian mobile operators offers at least one guest tariffs. In most cases you’ll need apassport and a registration to become a subscriber.

Learn how to buy a sim-card in Belarus here.

At the airport there are twelve phone charging points. Some of them have lockers with a key while others only have sockets, so you’ll have to stay close while your gadget is charging.


Finding free Wi-Fi may still be a little complicated. There’s a Beltelecom’s network that offers 15 minutes of free internet. To get more, travelers need to purchase a byfly card with a password.

UPD: New wi-fi network and THREE hours of free Internet starting 2 May. Find out more!

There’s also a free Wi-Fi network called MSQ Catering that works in cafes, VIP and business lounges. The network will ask for your phone number for an sms access code.

Where To Find Free Wi-Fi In Minsk?


Some cafes at Minsk airport also have free internet – just ask a waiter for a password!

Cash exchange and pharmacy

All cash exchanges are located only in sectors 1 and 2.  

Luckily, cash machines of different banks are found almost everywhere.


The only pharmacy works 9.00-17.00 from Monday to Thursday and 9.00-16.00 on Friday. However, the airport has 24/7 first-aid post.

What to do if you have to stay longer

If, for any reasons, you have to spend more time at the airport, here are some ideas on how to entertain oneself.

You can grab a coffee and a snack in one of the cafes at the departures zone or have a meal in a calmer and more private atmosphere or restaurant Liner, that has a view of the runway.

There’s a hairdresser’s and a clothes repair service.


Mothers with babies can use a free mother-and-child room. You can even spend a night there: it will cost 20 Belarusian rubles. The interior of the room is rather modest.

There are no hotels near the airport, but in case you need to have some rest, you can take a nap in one of the 17 temporary stay rooms at the airport (they are found in the same sector as the mother-and-child room). A single room costs 45 Br (~22€*) per night. You can pay in Belarusian rubles or by plastic card.


Passengers staying in the transit zone can use sleeping cabins. Three hours of rest in one of them cost $20.

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Ask for more!

The information stand is found in the departures zone. The personnel working there will give travelers tips on how to get to Minsk or to navigate at the airport.

Specialists mainly communicate with passengers in English. There are some people who speak Spanish, French, and German.

There are also automatic info points.