Visa-Free Tourists From 15 Countries Visit Grodno During Winter Holidays

Visa-free tourists from 15 countries visited Grodno and its surroundings during the New Year holidays.

And more are on their way!

Last weekend, around 500 foreigners visited the Augustow Canal park in Grodno Oblast.

“Most of them (about 60%) were Lithuanian citizens.

Polish and German nationals were also among the leaders.

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All in all, Grodno welcomed citizens of 15 countries during the holidays.

The toursts came from Sweden, France, Spain, Czechia, and Italy,” the Sport and Tourism Department of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee reported.

Almost a hundred more foreign visitors registered for a travel to the region in the following days.

What does it mean for Belarus?

Over 50,000 visa-free tourists visited Grodno in 2017.

More foreigners are expected to come to the city as Decree No. 462 on the visa-free entry and departure came into force on 1 January.

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To allow more foreign tourists to enter Belarus and stay here without visas the document:

  • extends the duration of visa-free stay to ten days,
  • launches the visa-free program in more areas,
  • increases the number of border checkpoints.

The visa-free area near Grodno was expanded onto entire Grodno District.

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From now on, foreign visitors will be able to come to Belarus via:

  • the checkpoints at railway terminals and airports,
  • the checkpoints designed for motor vehicles.

“Tourist agencies were informed about the changes in the legislation and other nuances.

This is why they worked smoothly with foreign tourists and caused no discomfort for them,” the officials remarked.

The expansion of the visa-free stay will give additional boost to factory tours, medical and eco-tourism.

The work to promote such tours has already been started.

Source: BelTA