More And More! Grodno Keeps Breaking Its Tourist Records

Grodno and its suburbs set a new tourist record as they welcomed about 3,000 foreigners in one weekend, the region’s Sport and Tourism Office reported. Looks like spring and visa-free entry are working well! 

Of the 3,000 tourists, about two thousand were visa-free travelers who entered via visa-free zone of Augustow Canal.

“This is a new record. The previous one was 1,000 tourists during one weekend. We are also glad to receive positive feedback from the visitors”, tourism officials said.

The explained growing numbers with the start of the high tourist season.

From Saturday to Monday Augustow Canal was hosting a big picnic that celebrated Belarusian cuisine. Various activities – sports, cultural, music and other events – will be held on the territory of the park weekly, officials said.

Besides, on 28 April a seasonal border crossing point Lesnaya-Rudavka opened on the Belarusian-Polish border.

Starting this year, those who travel by bike or on foot can use it to cross the border, in addition to tourists arriving by water.

Grodno region was actively preparing for the new tourist season: over 50 km of new biсycle routes were developed in the Augustow Canal park.

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Visa-free travel to the Augustow Canal park on the territory of Grodno region opened on 26 October.

In February the city welcomed 5,000th tourist. In April Zinaida Mishkinene from Vilnius became 10,000th visa-free tourist to Grodno.

Preview photo by Katysha Krutova.