The Griffins Hire Belarusian Nanny For Kids

In the latest episode of Family Guy titled “Nanny Goats” the Griffins hire a nanny for the children. 

She is a real badass!

It turns out that Natalia, from Belarus, is not an ordinary babysitter — this woman is a dangerous assassin.

Besides, she likes to read scary books about her native country to the kids when their parents, Peter and Lois Griffin, are away.

Granny-nanny: “Okay, Stewie, this is favorite Belarusian children book called Goodnight Moon of Chernobyl.”

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However, the book is not for the faint-hearted  – it tells about a radiation house with melted phone, glowing milk and a two-headed cat. 

Natalia also confesses that she has made a few enemies before she left Belarus who now come for revenge.

With Stewie in tow, she manages to kill most of her pursuers and eventually hops aboard a small jet with straps of Belarusian flag colours before jetting off.