Grace And Story: Enthusiasts Revive XIX Century Horse Hunting [PHOTOS]

Last weekend enthusiasts and history buffs met in Dzerzhinsk district, Minsk region, to reconstruct hunting with horses and dogs that was a favourite pastime among Belarusian nobles in XIX century. No animals were harmed!


About two dozen horse-riders in beautiful outfits raced on a snow-covered field with hunting dogs in front of a crowd of photographers.


Horse hunting with greyhounds was a favorite pastime of the European upper class for many centuries. In a modified form – usually as dog racing – this old entertainment still popular, and in some countries, for example, in Spain, hunting with hounds is practised to this day.

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But the golden days of hunting are in the past, just as knightly tournaments and aristocratic balls.

However, while balls and military reenactments – from the early Middle Ages to World War II – are held regularly and in a great numbers in Belarus, a major reconstruction of XIX century hound hunting was held for the first time.

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But, above all, this is a wonderful opportunity to get away from city life, to wear a beautiful costume, get on a horse and jump into the past in pursuit of passion with wild wind as a companion.

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Source: TUT.BY