Gold And Glamorous. Unique Belarusian Tractor Spotted In Ukraine (Photos)

Belarusian tractors are known all around the world. But we bet you never saw a vehicle so glam and golden as the one spotted in Ukraine.

What about a gold plated beast in your garage?

belarusian tractor

Photos of the unusual Belarusian tractor have making rounds on the internet for some time now.

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No wonder why the users of social networks were left amused with the machine. It’s not all that often one sees a tractor covered in gold.

belarusian tractor

“Where else if not in Ukraine can you see a tractor, covered with a gold like film?” one of the users commented on the pictures.

“A rich farmer or a glamorous tractor driver?” a rhetorical question from another user reads.

“Apparently, the owner/driver of this vehicle loves beauty and glamor, but don’t rush to look for this tractor to” bite off “a piece of gold.

belarusian tractor

The tractor is simply covered with gold fim. By the way, pay attention, the machine is absolutely new,” Autocentre.ua notes.

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Twitter user, who goes under the name Centre_by, noted that the tractor was presented at the agro-exhibition in Kiev last month.

belarusian tractor

“Free PR-idea for a tractor plant: a golden tractor is stolen from an agro-exhibition in Kiev by gypsies,” jokes another user.

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