Breaking Conventions! ‘The Ghosts Of Tacheles’ Festival In Minsk On 28 April

Tacheles, a cult kunsthaus in Berlin has stopped operating 5 years ago. It seems that such a place can happen only once and only in one point. But ghosts of Tacheles are still wandering around Europe and will may be spotted  the festival “The Ghosts Of Tacheles” in Minsk next Friday!

Over 20 participants will present exclusive art projects on 28 April. The party is expected to last for 6 hours.


The Kunsthaus Tacheles (Art House Tacheles) was an art center in Berlin, Germany. Photo: wikipedia

Once the huge building of the art house in the heart of Berlin was drawing crowds of visitors by its unique atmosphere of creative freedom bordering madness. It was set up by artists from all over the world, and Belarusians were among the leaders.

Minsk edition of the festival will unite unprecedented bunch of underground heads. The visitors will enjoy sound and visual experiments, creative collaborations and shocking performances.

The line-up of the festival includes such art projects as Zartipo, Кanstancin Mužau, Buben & Nasta Labada, Juras’ Barysievič and many others. The festival’s headliner is the legendary plastic theater of InZhest that will show a brand new performance.

Another not-to-miss presentation is the second album of the trio Buben–Naruszewicz–Baisan.

Special guests of the event are Tacheles ex-director Martin Reiter and, of course, the famous exhibition “Global Warning / Global Warming” by Ales Rodzim.

Where: Art space Verh

When: 18:00 on 28 April

Cost: 5 Br

Main photo: Yauhen Yerchak, relax.by